A Soundtrack to the Film

Music Becomes a Character


Like any period-specific work, music is vital to the success of Schwinn Varsity.  Album tracks from the late 1970’s are used not only to enhance the story, but as a signature to a place and a time.


At the same time, the inclusion of overly-familiar “greatest hits” from still-popular artists can often come off as cliche and tired.


In Schwinn Varsity, we hope to include a line-up of songs from artists who were popular locally, as well as deep album cuts by more familiar artists who’s lesser-known songs denote a feeling of period rather than sounding like the rotation of a modern day classic rock station.  


Much of the soundtrack is drawn from the playlists of legendary St. Louis FM station KSHE-95.   This pioneering free-form radio institution provided the soundtrack to the lives of people like the ones depicted in Schwinn Varsity.